History of EGEA

EGEA President, Ariana Strozzi began incorporating horses into self development programs including leadership, coaching, and corporate team building in the late 1980’s. She quickly learned that magic was in the midst and has been fascinated with the unique and profound way that horses can touch humans on every level of their reality ever since.

In 1999 she coined the term, Equine Guided Education, and began to consider the long term needs of this new and upcoming field of work. As Eagala and Efmha formed, her students and other professionals, asked her to form an association for professionals as well. The early 2000’s were rich with various ‘think tank’ groups envisioning the future of the industry and what was needed. Questions asked included, “What is the role of the horse-really?” “What are the various applications or modalities possible?” “What does it take to develop competency to facilitate this work?” “Who should be the governing body?” And so on….

Ariana Strozzi gathered many “thought leaders” together. She created different “think tanks” to discuss each question. She listened. She watched the field develop. She asked more questions.

After much research, collaborative conversations and dialogue, Ariana Strozzi brought together a founding board for EGEA. In late 2003, EGEA was co-founded by Ariana Strozzi, June Gunter, Alyssa Aubrey, and Gaby Fabian. EGEA is forever grateful for these individuals who put their whole-hearted efforts into making EGEA a reality.

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